LeoNutra Vitamin K2, Mk-7 Vitamin K-2, 100 Mcg, 60 Veg. Tablets

  • Vitamin K2 is an important nutrient that too in the most beneficial form, MK-7. K2 has been recognized for enhancing calcium absorption rate.

    LeoNutra K2, MK-7 may strengthen your bones and give you a strong skeleton together with an equally strong smile that reflects healthy teeth. MK-7 is also capable of supporting the immune system by teaming up with other nutrients for eliminating infections and bacterias. 

    A best option to satisfy your vitamin K2 needs by consuming this supplement.

    • Better Calcium Absorption

    Vitamin K2 acts as a guide for calcium, it may help calcium to function and reach places inside our body.

    • Stronger Bones

    MK7 does magic when it meets vitamin D3 in your body, leading from optimal calcium absorption and retention to improving bone health.

    • Helps Fight K2 Deficiency 

    With this most bioavailable form of vitamin K2, you get a partner to fight off vitamin K2 deficiency which is not appreciated in any case for your health.

    • MK7- Most Bioavailable form of Vitamin K2

    Vitamin K is beneficial, however, one form of vitamin K is better than other forms. Vitamin K2 in MK7 form is considered as the most beneficial form and is highly bioavailable to the body, meaning better chances of absorption.

    Product Highlight

    • Supports calcium metabolism for maintenance of healthy bone
    • Promotes proper calcium handling
    • Helps fight K2 deficiency
    • Vegetarian product

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